“The Barre has been the best thing for Pocatello! I have loved having a place to go that is warm, welcoming of any skill level, and allows you to try new things. I love their Barre Burn, yoga, and Pound classes. They have helped me gain lean muscle and more energy. The Barre is not like any other gym in Pocatello. Their teachers are professional and positive and I look forward to every time I workout there!”
– Lauren Hale

“The Barre is the best! You don’t feel like you are being judged. It is an “at home” feeling that you don’t get from the “big box” gyms. The instructors are AWESOME! the atmosphere is AWESOME. The Barre is way better than exercising alone at home! I am finally doing something to better my health.”
– Debbie Schmidt

“The Barre has changed my work-out game. After having twins, it was really hard for me to get back into a regular work-out routine. 5:30am barre and barre burn classes are perfect. Megan simultaneously instructs a challenging barre class while showing up with a motivating and fun attitude. Barre becomes a self-motivating habit through a noticeable increase in strength. This is exactly what I have been looking for.”
– Morgan Kirkham

“I just wanted to express how much I love coming to the Barre. Every time I walk in there is always a friendly face that calls me by name and makes me feel excited to be there. You make working out fun instead of a chore. Not only have I lost 10 pounds in a few short months but I’ve also gained muscle mass I lost after having my babies. Trust me when I say you guys know what you are doing! Love the barre!!”
– Brynn Stinger

“I danced growing up but as life caught up I was way too busy and didn’t make time for myself. I had heard of The Barre and the fantastic classes it offered. When they started offering Pound Fit I was intrigued and decided to try it out. Since that day in November, I have been a faithful member of the Pound Posse at The Barre. 

I LOVE the facility and all the employees and instructors. They know your name and treat you like a friend. When I started I was super insecure on the floor and out in the real world. Since going to Ashley and Cassidy’s class I have found confidence in myself and I truly feel like a different and happier person. I have my own thing I can go do without my kids, a little ME TIME! Thanks to the fantastic people at The Barre!”
Marianne Barfuss

“Since I have been doing Barre my flexibility has improved, lower back muscles have strengthened and muscles have lengthened. My massage therapist of 16 years who knows my body well has commented about all the above at several sessions and I know it’s because of Barre.”
– Michelle Butterfield

“I love The Barre. I love it because they truly love me. They know me by name and greet me every time I am there. It is a fun place to be for me as I truly hate to exercise. They have a variety of classes at different times of the day and are always doing fun events to encourage everyone to exercise.”
-Devery Stradinger

“Who knew that yoga and a ballerina’s workout could be so intense.  “The Barre” has awesome fitness classes that aren’t just for the ladies.”
-Brian Lawes

“The Barre is the best place to find the perfect combination of fitness, fun, and friends! My husband and I LOVE it!”
– Rebekah Lawes

“Thanks so much, I appreciate the quality of the workouts and the individualized attention each instructor brings to the classes. The relaxed yet focused classes reap rewards in life long habits and skills.”
-Deb Stone

“Just wanted to say I absolutely love The Barre!!! I started coming to classes in early February and have loved every class! I love the variety, it never gets boring. I actually look forward to going to classes where as when I use to go the gym it was hard to motivate myself. All of the class instructors make the classes that much better. I look forward to more and more time spent at The Barre!”
– Jennifer Neeser

“I absolutely love working out at The Barre!! Everyone there is so friendly (members and staff) and the instructors make all of the workouts so much fun. The best part is that nobody is there to judge one another and not to make anybody feel uncomfortable or out of place. I’ve tried a couple “regular” gyms in the past and I found that it was so hard to find the motivation to go. The Barre MAKES me want to workout! There are so many different classes that correspond with everyone’s schedule and they are so much fun! Not to mention you get a GREAT workout no matter which class you attend. “
– Amanda Frey